Take a look at our new Cloud backup solution

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Back in November, we introduced the idea of backing up data to the Cloud as opposed to traditional, on premise methods. This week, we thought we would delve deeper and explore the Data UP Cloud backup solution in order to better explain the process and its associated benefits.

Installation of the solution is facilitated through a download link with pin code activation, with configuration either done by the Data UP team or the end user before the initial backup is seeded. Seeding involves connection of an external hard drive to the users’ server, with the first backup being to this hard drive, which is then transported to the Cloud supplier. Here, the Cloud supplier will upload the data over a fast, secure link, saving the end user from having to perform a large upload themselves, which can be slow and potentially costly. Going forward, the end user backs up data that has changed since the seed.

The Data UP Cloud backup solution is beneficial as it supports a range of technology, including providing native support for Hyper-V and VMware, with no additional add-ins or software required. This is advantageous as it does not represent a separate charge, as can be the case with other solutions.

Further, onsite storage is optional, thereby requiring no investment in local infrastructure should the user prefer. On premise storage is recommended, however, as it contributes to better performance and faster recovery. Onsite storage also facilitates data backup when a users’ internet connection is down.

The Data UP solution can conduct a backup over a standard internet connection, or via dedicated private links between the Data Centre and the user for those more concerned with privacy.

Finally, the backup is automatic and able to be scheduled depending on preferences, with a daily activity summary available. Below you will find a visual representation of the solution as it appears for the user. Here, we have endeavoured to simplify the user interface while also providing all necessary information pertaining to the backup process.

For those wanting to know more about the Data UP backup solution, please email enquire@dataup.com.au to speak with a member of our team.

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