DataUP is a proudly Australian company, with head quarters in Adelaide that specialise in the provision of Telecommunications, Wan and Cloud solutions to clients in the Education and Corporate sectors locally and interstate.

Data UP benefits from the collective expertise of its highly skilled team, which assists us in the supply, install and provision of backup service and onsite support for all of our offerings.


Our solutions


Move to the Cloud

Whether you are looking to move all data to the Cloud or just elements such as your email server, we can deliver the outcome while minimizing any disruption.

Offsite Backup

Our backup solution can streamline your disaster recovery process by performing a complete offsite backup of your data automatically.

Cloud Storage

If you are using online storage, Data Up Soonr is a commercial solution that is located and stored in Australia, and provides flexibility and security to manage multiple users and groups.

Enterprise Connectivity

If your business spans multiple locations, Data Up is able to provide private high speed data links between these locations. This enables easier collaboration between staff at different locations, and secure access to internal systems between the sites without facing the public internet.

Enterprise Hosting

Data UP can provide hosted services which allow clients to move applications and services to the Cloud.

Office 365 & Azure

Microsoft Office 365 provides the ability to license both Exchange emails and Office on a monthly basis, reducing the upfront expense of purchasing these licenses outright. Previously enterprise emails were only available to large organisations, but with Office 365 it makes it affordable with flexible options.

Add-on services


Domains & Web Hosting

The solution allows you to easily and securely register a domain for yourself or your organisation, with the ability to transfer existing sites and email accounts over to Data UP.

Mail Protection

Spam is one of the biggest security threats nowadays. They contain viruses or phishing requests.

Voice & Hosted PBX

Data UP is able to supply, install and provide backup service and long term support for a range of telecommunications offering end to end,  consultancy to installation and maintenance.


Data UP offers end-to-end solutions, meaning we can satisfy all of your Cloud, WAN and telecommunications requirements under one roof. Whether it be moving your data to the Cloud or consolidating your communications expenses to a single bill, Data UP is your go to.


Solutions that work as they should the first time, every time. We stand by our work and ensure that what we deliver meets your requirements. We focus on your needs, so you can focus on your operations.


We don’t operate under the assumption that ‘one size fits all’. This is unrealistic and fails to acknowledge the diverse needs of our clients. We recognise that each client is unique, and therefore solutions need to be specifically tailored to their requirements. We aren’t in business to sell you any solution, we want to work with you to develop the right solution.

Plenty of resources

Provide data links from a diverse range of vendors.

Secure Data Centre

Lease servers or place your servers into a secure Data Centre.

Dell owerEdge R730

Telephone on the Cloud

Host telephone solutions in the Cloud

Software licensing

Provide flexibility in software licensing

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About us

Data UP benefits from the collective expertise of its highly skilled team, which assists us in the supply, install and provision of backup service and onsite support for all of our offerings.

With Data Centre locations around Australia, Data UP is able to offer flexible solutions to suit your needs.


Data UP was born from a desire to meet the needs of small business, and as such the solutions offered were aimed at providing a cost-effective method of getting data offsite with minimal fuss.  Clients wished to concentrate on their business, and leverage technology to achieve their goals, therefore the solutions developed fit their bill, as they were fixed cost and end-to-end.

Data UP has since grown and established relationships with leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecommunications Providers (Telcos).  Now, Data UP is able to leverage their solutions and deliver them to clients at a reduced price, when compared to purchasing direct from the ISPs and Telcos.  These relationships are mutually beneficial, with the ISPs and Telcos benefitting from the use of their service, and clients benefitting from access to a very attractive solution that is within their budget.