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DataUP was born from a desire to meet the needs of small businesses. The solutions offered are aimed at providing a cost-effective method of getting data offsite with minimal fuss. Our clients wish to concentrate on their business, and leverage technology to achieve their goals. Therefore, our solutions fit their bill, as they are custom, fixed cost, and end-to-end.

DataUP has since grown and established relationships with leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Telecommunication Providers (Telcos). As a result, DataUP is able to leverage solutions and deliver them to clients at a reduced cost.

These relationships are mutually beneficial for everyone involved because the ISP’s and Telcos benefit from the use of their service, and clients benefit from access to attractive premium solution at reasonable prices.

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DataUP provides solutions for moving to the cloud, offsite backup, mail protection, cloud storage and more! Learn more about DataUP’s cloud solutions here

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