The Top Benefits of Multicloud

80% of businesses now utilise multicloud or hybrid clouds for their IT needs. Plus, over 70% use more than three! (IBM, 2018)  There’s a good reason for this.

Multicloud allows you to be agile

One of the best benefits of multicloud is its flexibility. If your business is expanding, or needs to expand, your cloud needs will too. Similarly, if you need to scale down, you might not require several elements in the cloud and could simply keep them on a local server. Regardless of your requirements, multicloud setups and a mix of public and private cloud can easily be altered to fit your needs.


It might seem like the need for cloud isn’t enough to battle the price. You can move to the cloud on your own for a low cost, but it might not be worth the risk. Downtime, service interruption as well as time and reputation costs are not worth the little savings you can make if it does go to plan. With the right provider, multicloud need not be expensive. (We’ve even got a guide on tips for choosing a provider).

Data Safety

Putting your data in someone else’s hands can put a lot of people off the cloud. But, the cloud might be safer than you think.  And, mixing both private and public clouds for different uses can optimise your safety and keep sensitive information local.


Multicloud reduces Single Point of Failures (SPOFs)

Think of Single Point of Failures (SPOFs) like the Death Star in Star Wars. Although seemingly indestructible, the Death Star had one weakness in a small thermal exhaust port. Once they were able to destroy that, the entire station can be destroyed from the core. It’s no different in your business –  reliance on one cloud can be catastrophic because if there’s an issue, your whole enterprise can be affected. Multiple or Hybrid clouds allow your business to eliminate Single Point of Failures (SPOFs) since you won’t be relying on just one.

The bottom line on the benefits of Multicloud

Multicloud offers a host of benefits that are specific to your business’s needs. Big or small, it offers data safety, lower costs and peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong, there are back ups.

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