How File Hosting Services Can Streamline Operations

If you need to share videos, large PDFs, photos or other gigantic files with others, e-mail is certainly not your friend. That’s where file hosting services come in.

File Hosting Software

This software, as you might be aware, allows large files to be stored in the cloud to allow for enterprise connectivity. As long as both parties can connect to the internet, the files are there.

Gone are the days in which people were endlessly swapping USBs or hard drives to exchange hefty amounts of information. Now, you don’t even have to be on the same network to send and receive large files. Accessing files between offices and sites has never been easier.

Not only can employees access information over this VPN, but they can do it on any device. The software allows for remote access through laptops, PCs, mobile devices and tablets.

Ctera’s features

Ctera cloud file hosting services logoThere are many competing providers of this software, but for Windows and Linux  and Mac users alike, Ctera Drive has it all.

For starters, they can offer unlimited file storage capacity. That means that regardless of the device’s physical hard storage, the user can still access any amount of files and size.

The apps are even customisable for a private corporate brand.

But is it really safe to store data in the cloud like that?
Our previous blog topic covers this question in depth, here, but the short answer is yes. Hackers actually have a harder time breaching data in cloud systems.

They offer many layers of security and easy access for providers to monitor and block attacks. Things such as patches and fixes can be programmed ahead of time. This can ensure systems are up to date automatically.

Cloud Backup

Not only do Ctera and other file hosting services give enterprise full access to data, but they can also backup the data. This is done, too, through a hybrid method of local as well as cloud backup. This way, a local copy of the data is maintained for fast retrieval, as well as a cloud copy for disaster recovery.

Local Cloud

Arguably the best feature about the Ctera platform is that it can be deployed to a cloud of choice. This means that instead of being hosted in a random cloud around the world, the choice is yours between any on-premises or public cloud infrastructure. You can see more about Ctera’s options here.


The Bottom Line on File Hosting Services

Utilising file hosting services is something most businesses are moving towards implementing. The ability to access an infinite amout of data across a team through one network is indispensable. And, when security is no longer a concern with cloud hosting, there is no reason to choose otherwise.



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