The Need for Enterprise Connectivity Solutions

The high level of communication with customers and/or employees means that the importance of enterprise connectivity in this modern era of digital technology is vital.


What is Enterprise Connectivity?

Depending of the size and scope of your business requirements, enterprise connectivity can mean a number of different things. For example, in today’s digital world, many customers and clients expect business communication beyond normal working hours.

This can mean more hardware, like smartphones and tablets, as well as software and cloud migration. Even the development of the business’ website and applications can be needed for enterprise connectivity.

Because of these developments and requirements, the network infrastructure required by businesses, especially those which span multiple locations, must be stronger than ever.

Why is Good Enterprise Connectivity So Important?

When employees from multiple sites must collaborate, the access to internal systems between sites must remain extremely secure.

This can be done through high speed data links between the locations which means access to the systems without facing the public internet.  So, connecting site to site is so important for external clients and internal employees alike.

Internet Speeds

Another part of enterprise connectivity is utilising high speed internet connections. Many applications, such as Office 365 and Xero Accounting software utilise online or cloud services. (You can find more about our solutions for Microsoft Azure & Office here.) This means that the need for high speed internet connections is imperative for enterprise connectivity. All sites require the ability to use these services without delay.

DataUP is able to provide internet connections at speeds above your standard ADSL connections.


The bottom line on Enterprise Connectivity

Realistically, revenue can be lost every time locations experience a disruption in connectivity. Not only that, but the reputational damage that it can have upon clients is indescribable. Maintaining a good level of enterprise connectivity ensures a high level of customer service and a good reputation.

Not only on a customer or client level, enterprise connectivity gives higher productivity to staff as well as alleviating frustration and waiting times when connectivity is down. Furthermore, it can allow for staff to work off premises or remotely and flexibly as needed, ensuring that workflow continues regardless of situation.

So, getting the necessary network infrastructure in place as well as the hardware and software can ensure that sites are connected securely and effectively, keeping staff and customers happy.


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