Is My Data Safe in the Cloud?

When you’ve got your data on your computer or hard drive, it’s easy to see where your data is stored and you know who has access to it.

But how does it work when it’s in the cloud?

The cloud isn’t some mystical space up in the air. Realistically, it is simply just a network of connected servers that are off site. Not only can it speed up operations, but it can also cut IT costs. And, cloud storage security is much higher than you might think.

It might save me money, but is there cloud storage security?

Actually, over the last few years no major cloud provider has fallen victim to the huge malware attacks like Petya and WannaCry in May. More details of how cloud providers stayed safe here.

Hackers actually have a harder time breaching data in cloud systems.

They offer many layers of security and easy access for providers to monitor and block attacks. Things such as patches and fixes can be programmed ahead of time. This can ensure systems are up to date automatically.

Isn’t it risky putting my data in someone else’s hands?

Sony PlayStation’s  user data was breached in recent years, but it was actually an internal breach that caused the data leak.  The same applies to when dating website Ashley Madison’s users details were revealed. The cause was an internal database breach, as opposed to cloud.

Similarly, when celebrities’ iClouds have been breached, releasing their compromising photos to the media, the issue was not actually the cloud itself. It was actually a result of Apple’s poor password system, completely unrelated to cloud storage security. Putting your data in the hands of experienced cloud professionals, like DataUP, is a safer option than internal staff that are inexperienced with the processes.

The bottom line on cloud storage security

When it comes down to it, most data breaches are actually caused through faulty password setups or internal database breaches.

Internal data breaches are often due to inexperienced staff. Choosing a reputable and experienced company to handle your data storage on the cloud can actually be a safer option as it decreases this risk.

Furthermore, having a backup of your data offsite ensures for a disaster recovery plan to be in place. This, as the name implies, is insurance for your data and a backup option in case of emergency.


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