What is Azure and how can it protect your data?

What is Azure?


Azure is a cloud platform by Microsoft that allows applications to be hosted in Microsoft’s Data Centre’s. This is a public cloud platform that you can build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises and at the edge. This provides increased flexibility for hosting applications and services in the Cloud. This platform has over 200 products, being versatile for several industries such as manufacturing, retail, government, healthcare and financial services.


What is Azure Information Protection?


Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a product of Microsoft Azure. It is a cloud-based service that encrypts data and uses a labelling and permissions system to restrict functions. These labels and permissions can help prevent unauthorized actions of documents such as printing, viewing, copying and downloading content, as per your company guidelines.

This product is beneficial for organisations that need to restrict access and functionality to sensitive digital assets and information. It supports a variety of content types, including email, text, images, Microsoft Office files and PDF’s. As many organisations store confidential information online and on-premises, protecting this information is paramount. Sharing sensitive data is sometimes required ; AIP can assist with protecting this data from unauthorized users and provide you with a high level of security.


Benefits of Azure include;

  • High availability
  • Data Security
  • Enterprise-Class Security
  • High-Levels of Scalability
  • Cost-Effective and Budget Friendly
  • Customizable User Experience


A con of Azure is that it needs to be expertly managed and maintained, but don’t worry we can do this for you! As DataUP has the complete portfolio, we are able to assist you with integrating your servers onsite to the Cloud, whether they be Microsoft Azure (public cloud) or within DataUP Data Centres (private cloud). If you’re considering to transfer your organisations data to the cloud or would like a consult, get in touch with our team, and let us help find the best option for your organisation.






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