Trend highlight: Hosted phone systems

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This week on the Data UP blog, we’ve decided to focus on an emerging technology trend: hosted phone systems. This has come about after a recent study on Cloud services commissioned by Microsoft revealed that more than 75% of businesses surveyed expect that around half of their applications will operate in the Cloud within three years (451 Research, 2015). Of these, hosted phone systems is identified as one of the top applications being adopted.

So, what does a hosted phone system involve and why would you benefit from implementing one in your organisation? Read on to learn more!

Hosted phone systems are named as such because the intelligence of the solution is located (or ‘hosted’) in the Cloud as opposed to on premise. With a typical solution, calls come directly through a provider’s Data Centre, which are then rerouted and directed appropriately. The call is then completed over the internet, with provider technology ensuring this is both safe and secure.

This is an attractive solution for a number of reasons, including:

  • It is a total phone system, able to be used instantly once installed
  • Hosting, maintenance and upgrades are handled by the provider, meaning less hassle for you
  • There is no need for vast amounts of onsite equipment, saving on both costs and storage space
  • Expenses are able to be consolidated onto a single bill from one provider
  • Any user with an internet connection is able to access the solution

Why the trend? The study provides many reasons for the growing trend of hosting, not only for phone systems, but a number of additional applications including email, analytics and virtual desktops. Respondents surveyed indicated a desire to improve the quality of technology, expand their business and add capabilities that cannot be built internally. Hosted phone systems are a simple solution commonly implemented as organisations dip their toe in the Cloud waters.

451 Research, 2015, Beyond Infrastructure: Cloud 2.0 Signifies New Opportunities for Cloud Service Providers,

Do you have a hosted phone solution in your organisation or are you looking into it? Let us know what you think of the trend

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