The Data UP difference

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Today, we’ll be shifting the focus and shining a light on ourselves and the partnerships we have established to provide value for our clients. This has come from the realization that while the blog is generally focused on what we know, we are yet to share how we can help.

Firstly, if you’d like a brief introduction to Data UP and its origins, take a look here.

We’d like to start by highlighting our parent, IP Partners, who assists us to supply, install and provide backup service and onsite support for all of our telecommunications offerings. The IP Partners team is comprised of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who, given experience in a variety of areas, are able to implement a range of solutions depending on client requirements.

Data UP identifies as a Cloud specialist, and with good reason as this is where our expertise lies. In order to ensure that our Cloud services continually surpass expectations, we require quality connections from your site to our Data Centres. This is possible through our partnerships with telecommunications carriers iiNet, their brands Adam Internet and Internode, and Amcom.

Our hosted PBX solution allows for a sophisticated telephone system without the need to invest in on premise equipment as the smarts are in the Cloud. This is delivered through our technology partner 3CX.

Now, back to us. There’s no denying that the Cloud market is highly competitive and increasingly so given the growing popularity among private individuals and organisations alike. We aim to cut through the noise and simply outline the reasons why we should be your choice for technology requirements. The following are key elements of the value proposition at Data UP, underpinning all of our operations.


Data UP offers end-to-end solutions, meaning we can satisfy all of your Cloud and telecommunications requirements under one roof. Whether it be moving your data to the Cloud or consolidating your communications expenses to a single bill, Data UP is your go to.

Fuss free

Solutions that work as they should the first time, every time. We stand by our work and ensure that what we deliver meets your requirements. We focus on your needs, so you can focus on your operations.

Customised solutions

We don’t operate under the assumption that ‘one size fits all’. This is unrealistic and fails to acknowledge the diverse needs of our clients. We recognise that each client is unique, and therefore solutions need to be specifically tailored to their requirements. We aren’t in business to sell you any solution, we want to work with you to develop the right solution.

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