How Do I Stop Spam E-mail? Automate the process.

Sometimes, it feels like it’s impossible to stop spam e-mail.  And, it can be so time consuming to do so. But it needn’t be that way.


You CAN stop spam e-mail manually…

When you do get an e-mail that is unsolicited, it is pretty simple to mark it as ‘junk’. Each client is different, but most inboxes support this function. This then moves all new e-mails from that sender to your junk folder.

However, this can be time consuming. It requires opening junk e-mails and spending time determining whether or not it is spam, then manually filtering them by clicking the ‘spam’ option.

You can also conduct a review of your spam folder to detect true e-mails that have been detected as spam. But, once again, this process can be quite inefficient.

The last thing you want to do to speed up your work day is sift through your junk e-mail.

Other tips

There are some ways of decreasing the amount of spam you receive from the get-go.

Make sure you aren’t giving your e-mail out freely or publishing it online if you don’t have to.

If you do have to put it online, use a generic one to capture spam and marketing separately from your main account.

Automating your e-mail with a third-party filter

Instead of going through your inbox to manually stop spam e-mail, there are many third-party services that can automate the process for you.

DataUP’s filter allows your spam to be summed up in a report twice daily (or other custom options).

This allows for an all-in-one automated process for reviewing spam.

✓ All clean and legitimate emails will be forwarded to you, and will not be stored on our spam filter in any way.
We will hold spam emails, and you will receive a spam report twice a day to be able to release these emails.
The reason that each email is blocked is provided. Emails classified as spam or info-mail (such as newsletters, for example) can be released.
 Viruses will be blocked and cannot be released.


The bottom line on how to stop spam e-mail

Whilst you can do this yourself, and there are certainly techniques that help, manually sorting through junk e-mail is a time-consuming and never ending process. Investing in a third-party spam filter service will actually save you in the long run in the hours that would have been used.

If you can automate a process using software, you should.

“No one ever got rich checking their e-mail more often”

– Noah Kagan, AppSumo founder.
(Patel, 2017).



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